We offer a wide range of not only Viewing and Camera Lighting Equipment but also a fine selection of binoculars, photo frames and display cases & cabinets for photographers, collectors and hobbyists alike.

Light boxes, projectors, loupes, magnifiers and slide viewers are amongst many other types of accompaniments that you can use to help you to enjoy and enhance your collection.

For collectors with larger 3D collectables such as Model Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Teddies, Thimbles, Ornaments, Fossils, Rocks and Crystals, mugs, Star Wars Characters etc there is our range of Handmade Wooden Display Cabinets and for craft minded collectors our deep set box frames.

For outdoor pursuits and activities such as birdwatching we now offer Optricon and Visionary binoculars and for any household a comprehensive choice of photo frames from 6x4 to A4 for those very precious moments and family photos.