Ultra Coin Capsules Range -Circular and Rimless (from 21-41mm)
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Ultra Coin Capsules Range -Circular and Rimless (from 21-41mm)

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* Inside Diammeter:

The Ultra premium coin capsules are made from especially scratch-resist transparent polyacrylic (PMMA). Unlike the standard coin capsules (CC) these are designed without a rim as the lid fits snugly over the capsule and sits over the base. Firm yet easy-to-open fastening.  Available in packs of 10 of a single size- Choose your size from the drop down menu.

These capsules are ideal for storing in other trays or drawers to display your coins while protecting them from fingerprints and other environmental effects. See the user guide for all internal and external dimensions of capsule for each coin size.

To find all possible storage options for each size of coin check out our Coin Size Storage Solutions .

Use the following table to identify which capsule you need for your size of coin, and which tray or storage item compartment it will fit. Check the internal diameter to make sure your coin will fit, and the external diameter to make sure the capsule will fit your chosen storage solution.

Code internal diameter mm external diameter mm
CCU21 21 27
CCU22 22 28.5
CCU23 23 29
CCU25 25 32
CCU29 29 35
CCU30 30 35
CCU32 32 38
CCU33 33 39
CCU38 38 44
CCU39 39 45
CCU40 40 45
CCU41 41 47


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