Stackable Coin Drawer 48 Coins up to 28mm
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Stackable Coin Drawer 48 Coins up to 28mm Stackable Coin Drawer 48 Coins up to 28mm

Stackable Coin Drawer 48 Coins up to 28mm

Product Code: CB4828S Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: £22.95 Ex Tax: £19.13
2 or more £21.95

Simply the best way to safely store, organise and display your coin collection. A truly flexible collecting system offering infinite interchangeability and expansion. Its stackable design and size mean it is easy to store on shelves or cabinets, and is easy to move around when placed in its specially designed Aluminium Coin Carry Case, which will hold up to 10 drawers. Coins fit directly in each rectangular compartment, and each drawer has a clear outer case and lid for easy display. Each drawer is sold individually.

The pull out drawer and handle is available in Grey or Smoke, the tray insert is lined in Red and the whole is surrounded by a clear stackable case.

This drawer has 48 square compartments for coins up to 28mm.

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Capacity Per Drawer 41+ Coins
Designed For Aluminium Case
Drawer Colour Smoke
Drawer Depth 20mm
Lining Colour Red
Dimensions 236x303x20mm
Compartment Shape Rectangular

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