Spot Photo-safe Adhesive Dispenser
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Spot Photo-safe Adhesive Dispenser Spot Photo-safe Adhesive Dispenser

Spot Photo-safe Adhesive Dispenser

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Suitable for securely and cleanly sticking items in the office, at home, or for handicrafts, eg photos, cuttings, receipts, presents, etc. 

Clean, trouble-free gluing of paper, cardboard, plastic film and many other materials.

The adhesive is solvent- and acid-free so is Photo-safe and will not damage your photos. The removable blue glue-spots rollout from the dispenser in strips of any length up to 15m long. The dispenser means you can accurately transfer the dots in straight lines or around curves as the strip unrolls. Any residual glue can simply be rubbed off with your finger. Ideal if you change your mind!

For Photos just roll over the back of each photo and then place on the page. If at any time you want to remove your picture it lifts off as easily as if there was no adhesive used! It allows you to experiment with layouts and there is no time limit. If you do remove the photo you can lightly rub the adhesive off the page or photo and it literally disappears.

15m refill rolls are available  see 1061.

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