Slimline Classic Binder Album collection
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Slimline Classic Binder Album collection Slimline Classic Binder Album collection Slimline Classic Binder Album collection Slimline Classic Binder Album collection

Slimline Classic Binder Album collection

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The perfect choice if you prefer a slimmer and more compact album yet enjoy teh style of our popular classic range. Light and easy to handle, it is about 30% lighter than our other Arrowfile Albums and nicely padded too! Available in a choice of 4 colours, Black, Blue Cream and Wine which is only available while stock last.

Now click on the Specification tab and click the link to 'Compatible Refills' to discover ALL the compatible Refills for these Albums.

For Album Dimensions etc. please click on 'Specification'.

For Binder Albums with similar dimensions and compatible refills click here.

If you have having problems choosing which refill you need Check out our Pocket Size Guide  - to find all refills and sleeves for each pocket size

Finish Leatherette, Padded
Dimensions 340x275x40mm
Colour Black, Blue, Ivory, Wine, Cream
Capacity 21-40 Refills
Rings 4-D Rings
Compatible Quick-Find Index F114
Compatible Refills: RA RB RC RQ RS

How to Use Arrowfile Binder Albums

Arrowfile Albums are not just Photo Albums; they are far more than that.  

Your common or garden ‘Normal’ photo albums are usually bookbound; so you can’t move the pages about. They are either ‘Traditional Photoboard’  (FT) so you have to stick the photos in which is difficult to change once stuck down, or they are ‘Slip-in’  (FS) which means a thin film is fixed to a backing-sheet, and you can slip the photos in behind the film, usually in the same sized pockets throughout the album.

  • With an Arrowfile Album you are not restricted in this way; because it’s a Ringbinder you can add, remove and rearrange your refill pages whenever you want.  You can also put all your different sized prints into the same album.
  • With Arrowfile Refills you have a vast choice of refills so you can mix and match print sizes and orientation throughout the album, and if you’re not happy with the arrangement, you can just move the refills or prints around.
  • Because not all refills fit all binder albums, we have devised a prefix system for the refills (RA, RB, RE etc) which means you can identify which refills will fit your album. Check the Specification tab on each Album's product page for details.
  • The pockets are easy to slip the photos into, and often have special mini pockets in which you can slip Caption Inserts to identify each photo, (without the need to write on the back which often leads to damage over time).

Even though a photo album can be clear and obvious to you, it can be a complete mystery to anyone viewing them without guidance. Caption insertspage numbers and ‘Quick Find Indexes’ can all help to organise and identify each photo. This makes each particular photo easy to find, and unravells the mystery for future generations.

Although I have concentrated here on Arrowfile Binder Albums as Photo Albums, their very nature means you can store anything you can fit into a pocket, and we have many specialised refills for other items such as stamps, coins, tickets, CDs, postcards, business cards, greeting cards, bookmarks, bottle tops, beermats etc

Got a collection you want to Store and Display?

Then store it Safely the Arrowfile Way!


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