Set of 3 Small Gift Boxes  -Traditional Christmas Tree

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Set of 3 Small Gift Boxes -Traditional Christmas Tree

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These Lovely Traditional Christmas Tree Gift Boxes  are ideal for seasonal gifts, trinkets, treats and storage. Gift Boxes are ideal when wrapping is difficult or you need to support the gift with tissuepaper. You can also use these boxes for storing seasonal items such as gift tags, ribbons, bows, tapes and labels, glitter, confetti, tissue paper, cards and envelopes, table settings and decorations, or other stationery items.  This is a set of 3 boxes one of each size

First Box Size 140x100x70mm

Second Box Size 120x80x60mm

Third Box Size 100x60x50mm

Dimensions 140x100x70mm,120x80x60mm, 100x60x50mm

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