Premium Coin Box Burl Wood Lacquer finish for 3 Premium Trays
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Premium Coin Box Burl Wood Lacquer finish for 3 Premium Trays

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This most luxurious of cases will display your coins, pins, badges etc to their best advantage. Handcrafted with precision, it is the ultimate in coin display cases. With its high gloss lacquer finish, burl wood veneer and high quality brass fittings, the blue velvet trays (availabe separately) nestle neatly inside. 

Please note it holds 3 trays which are available separately.

Just choose from the wide range available by using the search box to find 'C63'). We have trays not only or coins from 17-54mm diameter, but also various presentation packs and coin sets. If you have coins in coin holders then you would need C6350SP which will hold 12 coin holders.

The case does not come with any pre-chosen trays so that you can choose them yourself to your exact requirements.

Find my Coin Size58.23KB
Finish Wood
Trays/Drawers Per Case 3 Trays
Dimensions 258x205x45mm

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