Premier Archival Storage Boxes
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Premier Archival Storage Boxes

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Designed specifically for long term archival storage, these drop-spine boxes are made to a high detailed specification to ensure long term protection for all types of material, including photographs.

Made from premier grade archive folding board it is low in reducible sulphur and other oxidising elements, free from optical brightening agents, and is laminated with a specially produced pH 7 plasticiser-free EVA adhesive prior to the die-cutting process, to avoid the risk of creases and cracking. They are made in one piece and are self locking and open like a book with the spine laying flat to allow easy access. The trays have double walls with two dust flaps which close against the spine and are secured using tabs without the need for wire stitching or glue and come flat packed.

Available in 6 sizes from 5x7 inches to 2 foot x 1 foot 8 inches (622x522mm - that's over A2) including A4 and A3 and 64mm in depth except the A4 which is 95mm

PAT (Photographic Activity Test)  Nos: ISO181916


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Finish 1300 Micron Board
Storage Type Archival Storage Boxes
Rings No

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