Polyester Suspension Pocket Refill Sleeve - 76x76mm (12)

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Polyester Suspension Pocket Refill Sleeve - 76x76mm (12)

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These Archival Binder refills are manufactured from inert, polyester based clear film giving full archival protection against physical damage, surface reaction and atmospheric contamination. Strong, light and clear with an overall size of 317x260mm they are available in packs of 10 and fit Arrowfile Standard Albums which hold RE refill pages, or can be suspended in a filing cabinet using suspension bars F2410 available separately.

Polyester Suspension Refill Sleeve 12 76x76mm Pack of 10
Holds 12 items 76x76mm per refill, or 24 back-to-back

Ideal for 6x6cm (2 1/4) frames, coins or tickets.

Polyester Premier Suspension Refills are ideal for Photographs, Family Histories, Negative Archives, Ephemera, Slides, Pamphlets, Prints, Postcards, Correspondance, Contact Sheets, Printed Collectables, Tickets and much, much more.
See Specification tab for more details.

Check out our Pocket Size Guide  - find all refills and sleeves for each pocket size

Used For Binder (Punched),Suspension
Colour Clear
Pocket Size 76x76mm
Refills Per Pack 10
Capacity Per Refill 12
Overall Page Size 260x317mm
Compatible Albums: RE

Why Polyester?

What is Polyester?

The term ‘polyester’ as a specific material usually refers to Polyethylene (PET), this is a plastic often used for packaging and you may recognize it’s recyclable logo  as  number 1 and either PET or PETE.

What are the properties of Polyester?

·         Excellent strength – high tensile strength

·         Good moisture and gas barrier properties

·         Resistance to stretching or shrinking

·         Excellent clarity

·         Resistance to dyes, solvents and other chemicals

·         Lightweight

·         Thermal stability - high temperature resistance, thermal and electrical insulation properties

·         Rigidity and Flatness

·         Not generally biodegradable but easy to recycle and re-use.

So you can see why Polyester is the choice of museums and other archivists for their most precious documents and images, not only are the contents protected against nearly all forms of damage apart from light, but the clarity means they can stay protected whilst being viewed as there is no need to remove the items from their polyester sleeves.

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