Plastic banknotes coming to England

Posted On: 2016-06-02 09:34:00 ; Read: 1845 time(s)

A new bred of banknote is coming to a wallet near you! For the first time in English history a plastic based banknote is to go into circulation from September 2016 featuring one of the most famous Prime ministers in British history - Sir Winston Churchill. Due to be unveiled today at Churchill's birthplace, Blenheim Palace, the new banknote will be of £5 domination with £10 (featuring famous novelist Jane Austen) and £20 (featuring painter JMW Turner) designs planned to be circulated later in 2017 and 2020.
The new polymer based banknote is a thin piece of plastic with the design printed of special layers of ink of front and bank. Benefits of these new banknotes include durablity in a washing machine (lets be honest we'll all lost a few notes in the wash), untearable (children-proof) and less stick of sticking together leading to double payment at the checkout. Most important greater security to stop counterfeiting features like the see-through windows are difficult to copy, so it's harder for criminals to make fake notes.
For the first time the new £5 banknote can now sit in the cool category, due to the new designs and brighter colours. Britain is now catching up with over 20 countries who already use plastic banknotes including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Scotland.
 For all you collectors out there, that does mean the both current and new £5 is will soon become a collectable banknote - we have the refill pages for both new (RAMM4H) and old (RAMM3) banknotes. These refills will fit any of the Arrowfile Standard Binder Albums. If you wish to keep your banknote collection portable you can storage them in one of our pocket banknote wallets (also available large), or you may prefer to keep in a high quality scratch resistant acrylic banknote capsule. Alternatively we have a large range of Vario or Grande Refills and their corresponding Binder Albums.
Don't for to handle all your banknotes with care to protect them from invisible human hand oils which could damage the surface so why not use either cotton gloves or tongs: and to view your collection why not choose from our vast range of magnifiers and microscopes.
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