Phonescope macro lens for Smartphones with 60X magnification
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Phonescope macro lens for Smartphones with 60X magnification

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The Phonescope macro lens turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful digital microscope with up to 60X magnification. The finest details, such as the stamp printing processes, can be recognised and checked using the camera function on your smartphone. The enlarged details can be saved as a photo or video.

The macro lens offers a variety of uses for both hobby and study and is ideal for use as reading aid or digital microscope. It's particularly practical when you're on the move, as neither a power supply nor batteries are required. By saving the images on your smartphone, these can then be shared with friends and acquaintances without any effort. Suitable for all conventional smartphones and tablets. Glass lens.

Easy to use - simply attach the macro lens to the camera on your smartphone, start the camera function and zoon as required. The white spacer keeps the lens at the correct focal length distance from the object you are viewing.

Accessory Type Coin Viewing, Stamp Viewing
Dimensions 38x47x39mm

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