Leather Postcard Case
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Leather Postcard Case

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Elegant case made of stitched, brown-grained leather - handmade!
One of the most elegant ways to store mail and postcard style and present. Suede effect lining. Colored brass fittings and handle which is inset into the lid for easy transport and stacking of the case.
Flip-lock with 2 keys.
Comes with 6 stainless steel brackets to arrange your collection.

External dimensions: W 190 x H 185 x L 360 mm.
Internal measures: B 172 x H 140 x L 335 mm.

Capacity: up to 600 cards, even in transparent sleeves!

External Dimensions W 190 x H 185 x L 360 mm
Internal Dimensions W 172 x H 140 x L 335 mm

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