Great Britain Stamp Album Volume 6 (2015 -2017)

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Great Britain Stamp Album Volume 6 (2015 -2017)

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This superb hingeless album comes in six volumes in chronological order. It is unmatched in detail, accuracy and quality and is the benchmark for all others. Using the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain concise catalogue for guidance, each stamp is represented by a photo image and necessary technical information. There are integral mounts for each stamp so there is no need for hinges. The padded Album has Great Britain embossed in gold on the spine and comes in Green. It has a turn-bar mechanism for adding and re-arranging the album pages. Also comes with matching slipcase.

Volume 6 continues from  2015 -2017. It contains 55 pages.

Dimensions 320x315x60mm
Colour Green
Capacity 120 pages with mounts

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