Double Depth Cabinet Drawer - No Insert
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Double Depth Cabinet Drawer - No Insert Double Depth Cabinet Drawer - No Insert Double Depth Cabinet Drawer - No Insert

Double Depth Cabinet Drawer - No Insert

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This really classy Collectables storage solution consists of an Elegant Piano Black Lacquer Display case which fits up to 3 drawers, and  will be a credit to your collection. The drawers come in either Single Depth (so you can fit 3), Double Depth (so you can fit 1 single and 1 double) or Triple Depth (so you can fit 1 in each case). There are a vast range of inserts which come  with each drawer to fit different collectables such as coins, models, jewellery, pens, minerals and crystals etc. or in this case you can buy just the drawer without an insert to arrange as you please. The C6591 case is stackable, creating a beautiful display cabinet effect, enabling you to enlarge your collection at your leisure.

Black Lacquer finish, wooden double depth drawer with silver knob.

No insert

Drawer depth 24 mm

ONLY FITS: Black Lacquer Collectables Display Cases C6590 and C6591

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Designed For Black Lacquer Case
Drawer Depth Double

The drawers come with black lacquer facing and silver knob handle and this drawer has no insert so you can customise it for your collection.

This Double Depth Drawer will fit with another Single Depth Drawer inside the Black Lacquer Case C6591 which is available separately. The case comes without any drawers and will fit either 3 Single drawers, 1 Triple drawer or a mix of Single and Double drawers.

Heights of drawers are as follows:-

Single (height 12mm)

Double (height 25mm)

Triple (height 49mm)

Now also available is a larger case C6590 which holds 6 drawers or equivalent.

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