DL Springback Binder and Slipcase for LB Sheets

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DL Springback Binder and Slipcase for LB Sheets

Product Code: KSFLB
Price: £59.95
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  • Elegant cover design
  • Textured leatherette padded cover
  • Hole-free system continues to provide perfect storage solution
  • Bind all types of documents together in book format
  • Sturdy steel springs keep a long-lasting grip on contents
  • 5 card strips provide additional strength
  • Compatible with LB Sheets
Finish Padded, Leatherette
Colour Green, Burgundy
Capacity up to 75 LB card sheets, 110 pages with SF mounts, 125 blank sheets
Album Dimensions 290x315mm (11.5x12.5")
Compatible Refills: LB

LB sheets are card sheets in album fo...


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