Clear Folio Acid-Free Pocket Refills -  260x360mm(1) (pack of 5)
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Clear Folio Acid-Free Pocket Refills - 260x360mm(1) (pack of 5)

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These clear acid-free and softening agent-free refills are suitable for storing the historic 'Folio' certificate format 210x330mm and the American 'legal' document format 216x356mm as well as for documents, records, postcards and banknotes. Each refill has different sized strip compartments for your various sized items up to a maximum of 260x360mm, and there is also a black interleaf for visual separation of your collection. Offering perfect presentation, they ensure the greatest possible degree of protection for your collector's items.

This refill has one pocket size 360x260mm to fit 2 items back to back.

Now click on the Specification tab and click the link to 'Compatible Albums' to discover ALL the compatible Albums for these refills.

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Designed For Folio
Colour Clear
Pocket Size 260x360mm
Refills Per Pack 5
Capacity Per Refill 2 Documents
Overall Page Size 290x365mm
Compatible Albums: RY

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