CD/DVD Quartet Slimline - Intercept Archivalware Black (4 CDs) pk 5
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CD/DVD Quartet Slimline - Intercept Archivalware Black (4 CDs) pk 5

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  • A pack of 5 Archivalware Intercept Technology CD pages which holds 20 CD's, 4 per refill.
  • Non-woven liner prevents CD Scratches.
  • Acid-free and prevents CD rot.
  • Available in Black 

Now click on the Specification tab and click the link to 'Compatible Albums' to discover ALL the compatible Albums for these refills.

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New testing of Lucent Bell Labs’ Corrosion Intercept® Technology indicates substantial increases in CD longevity by storing them in Archivalware® enclosures. Recent studies have shown CD life to be extended from 40 to 120 years. See user guide for more information.

Colour Black
Pocket Size 146mm x 257mm
Refills Per Pack 5
Capacity Per Refill 4 discs
Compatible Albums: RK

CD rot can render optical discs unreadable whether they are audio discs or data discs. Our CD Archivalware® binder pages feature Corrosion Intercept® technology. These CD binder pages are specifically designed to protect the delicate metal layer of a CD or DVD from degradation, commonly known as 'disc rot', or for some specific discs 'bronzing'. These pages actively protect the digital images and information stored on CD & DVD’s from oxidation caused by damaging gases in the atmosphere.

What causes CD / disc rot? Ozone and reactive oxygen cause the aluminium layer on the CD/DVD to break down. When aluminium in a thin film oxidizes it becomes clear and unable to reflect the laser pulse attempting to read the disc, Archivalware® Corrosion Intercept® protects against this failure. The permanent neutralization of corrosive gasses also prevents fungus and bacterial growth. The unique design of the Archivalware® CD Preservers allow full visibility of the face of the CD/DVD while protecting the data side of the disc. The clear film which is UV protected will not lift images from the face of laser or inkjet produced labels. This unique and convenient storage system assures you the maximum protection current technology offers.

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