Cassette Tape Storage Box - holds 36
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Cassette Tape Storage Box - holds 36

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Cassette tape storage boxes for long term, archival quality, protection.

  • Each box holds 36 individual cassettes in their original cases.
  • Buffered, acid-free boxes feature metal edges for stacking strength.
  • 38mm telescoping lid to prevent dust and damaging UV light from reaching your cassettes.
  • PAT (photographic activity test) passed ANSI ISO 18916

As well as enclosing your boxed cassette tapes in an acid-free box, correct storage of audio cassette tapes is key to ensuring permanent preservation. This includes; minimal handling, storage in a clean dust free case (replacement Polypropylene cases are available, see C9125C), exclusion from UV light and stored in a stable environment with minimal changes in relative humidity or temperature.
Preservation equipment metal edge box

Internal Dimensions - 318 x 299 x 76mm (12.5" x 9" x 3")

Internal Dimensions 318 x 299 x 76mm

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