Banner Landscape Portfolio including 30 refills- (Double A4)
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Banner Landscape Portfolio including 30 refills- (Double A4)

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This new Patented design portfolio has been specially made to cater for design students and professionals who need to present their own graphic works larger than A4 but only have access to using their own A4 printers.

This portfolio is the only one on the market to provide for bigger drawings using the large format of double long A4 or half A2. Refills have one large pocket sized 610x210mm.

With slim-line proportions and scale it is ergonomic and creates an elegant look, it is lightweight for carrying and easier to handle than an A2 or A1 portfolio.

Made of robust nylon material each folio includes 30 heavy duty display sheets which fit onto a six ring standard metal ring spine, and a shoulder strap. Each sleeve also has a white backing sheet to present work on. Capacity up to 30 refills.

Finish Nylon
Dimensions 685x275x50mm
Colour Black
Size A4
Orientation Landscape
Colour Black
Max Capacity 30 Refills

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