Arrowfile Multi-use Coin pages (16) up to 48mm (Pk of 3)

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Arrowfile Multi-use Coin pages (16) up to 48mm (Pk of 3) Arrowfile Multi-use Coin pages (16) up to 48mm (Pk of 3)

Arrowfile Multi-use Coin pages (16) up to 48mm (Pk of 3)

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  • Has 4 strips of 4 pockets, and holds 16 coins up to 48mm in diameter, that's 48 coins per pack of 3 refills.
  • Pack of 3 refills
  • The convenient pull-out strips help prevent the coins from slipping out.
  • Also suitable for storing larger Memory Stick, Compact Flash or Smart Media digital memory cards.
  • Available in Clear only
  • Previously known as RA7093 it appears they are so wide they are better described as RE.

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Capacity Per Sleeve 1-20
Designed For Standard
Colour Clear
Pocket Size 48mm
Refills Per Pack 3
Overall Page Size 257x320mm
Compatible Albums: RE

Why Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a simple plastic polymer which is inexpensive to produce, has a huge variety of applications and is often used in flexible packaging and food containers due  to its protective and non-reactive properties.


What are the properties of Polypropylene?

·         Excellent tensile strength and stiffness

·         Excellent Chemical resistance – does not mould or otherwise deteriorate in the presence of bacteria, mould or other elements

·         Good moisture barrier properties – it does not absorb water like other plastics such as PVC

·         Good fatigue resistance

·         High-gloss surface

·         Durable

·         Low cost

·         Electrical resistance – low level of electrical conductivity

·         High melting point – good heat resistance, often used for microwave containers

·         Translucent

·         Integral hinge property

·         Good colour stability

·         Recyclable

You can see why it is the choice of many for long-term archival storage, and it has formed the basis of the Arrowfile Storage system. 

There are a couple of points you may want to keep in mind though, its clarity is not as good as Polyester (which is also more expensive to produce).  Polypropylene can also be degraded by UV light over time: however as most contents also need protecting from the light, if they are both stored inside albums and slipcases, this is not likely to be a problem.

As an in-ert, inexpensive, durable option this is the choice of most Arrowfile customers.

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