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Posted On: 2014-01-23 16:08:33 ; Read: 1834 time(s)
You may recently have received an email from us asking for you to let us know your interests. This is really important to us so that we can send you the right sort of emails and offers with your interests in mind.  
No one likes spam and we don’t want to send you emails which annoy or bore you, so please do login to My Account and click on Newsletter in the left hand menu.
You will see here a list of interests and you can tick all that apply to you. Here you can also let us know who you are buying for which will also help us decide whether an email offer is appropriate. When you have finished click on Continue at the bottom of the page and your interests will be saved. You can go in and amend them whenever you like.
  Why not get to know us while we get to know you? - While still in your account take a moment to check out all the other options available to you.
In Edit Account you can change your email, or contact telephone number, even your name. This is why we are so security conscious, and why everyone has been issued with a new password since the new website was created. If you have tried to log in without success please click here, to use the Forgotten Password system so a new one can be issued to you.
As soon as you log in with this new password you can change it to something more memorable to you by clicking on Password which is below Edit Account in this menu.
In Order History you can see all the online orders you’ve made (this does not include those made by phone or post), with each order you can click on the view icon (with a little magnifying glass on a document) which will show you the details of the order, and you can click on the re-order icon (a green circular arrow) if you want to order it again.  
Once viewing an old order you can see if products are no longer available and click continue if you decide to re-order or click on the green return arrow if you decide not to. Don’t forget you can always take things out of your basket if you don’t want the whole order and add extra items too of course.
  Another service you may not have looked at is the Wish List. This is a great place to make a list of items you are interested in but don’t want to buy just now. If you’ve ever added a product to your wish list you can view your list here. Test it out by going to your favourite product and clicking on ‘Add to Wish List’ which is under the ‘Add to Basket’ button.
You will know it is added by the burgundy bar which appears under the navigation menu. If you click on the word ‘Wish List’ here it will take you to your wish list too. When looking at your wish list you can either add a product to your basket or remove it from the list.
I hope you find these services help you to manage your shopping experience on the Arrowfile website and don’t forget to let us know your interests so we can make it truly tailor-made to you.


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