A4 Portrait Springback Black  Leather effect Folder
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A4 Portrait Springback Black Leather effect Folder

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The Leather effect Springback binder has a particularly robust high quality finish for heavy duty use. The vinyl cover is cleanable and comes in either Black or Burgundy with a cream coloured lining. The spine is 25mm deep and so the binder has a capacity of 150 sheets of paper (80g).

Like all springback albums you pull the cover completely open to release the hold on the pages so you can add or remove sheets as required. Once the spine has 'sprung back' the sheets are held securely just like a book.

Finish Vinyl,Leather effect
Dimensions 305x220x25mm
Colour Black
Capacity 150 sheets approx.
Orientation Portrait

A4 Brampton Leather look Springback F...


This A4 Springback Folder  has a...


This A4 Springback Folder  has a ...

£15.95 £13.95

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