Matrix White Individual Self-Adhesive Coin Holders pack of 25
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Matrix White Individual Self-Adhesive Coin Holders pack of 25

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In a variety of sizes for different diameter coins, see drop-down menu for choices.

These Self-Adhesive Coin holders individually frame your coins to protect from direct handling, also with a hermetic catch. The liner is free from chemical softeners for optimal protection. The holders are writeable for better identification.

These individual coin holders can also be placed in various refills, wallets and coin cases,  including the Compact Coin refill RHM12K, Standard refill RAM20K, coin wallet CKBL and Coin holder box CRS100 for quick and easy access.

Each pack of 25 will fit  a particular coin size, ranging  from 17.5 up to 39.5mm, use the drop down menu to choose your size.

To find all possible storage options for each size of coin check out our Coin Size Storage Solutions .

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