Braun Multimag Auto Focus Projector
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Braun Multimag Auto Focus Projector

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Price: £279.99 Ex Tax: £233.33

Infrared autofocus system for automatic adjustment
Remote control with one key for slide changing for- and backwards
Powerful halogen lamp 24V / 250W
Large focusing wheel for exact focusing of the first slide
Slide lift for easy projection of single slides
Ball bearing precision lens guide - necessary if heavy zoom lenses are used
Anti jamming system
Pre-viewing screen with sliding cover
Extendible carrying handle
Compartment for mains cable.
Multicoated standard lens Super Paxon 1:2,8 / 85 mm MC
Includes lens, halogen lamp and PAXIMAT MULTIMAG Compact-Magazine 50

Dimensions 304 x 291 x 136 mm

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